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Vermont Rolling Pins Tested and Approved Pizza Tools

Pizza Peel Pizza Peel
Easily slide your pizza or bread onto your stone or grill.  It’s light to hold, making it easier to throw the dough. Made with basswood.
Made in the  USA.

Pizza Rocker Walnut Handle Pizza Rocker
Cut pizza crust like a professional with this stainless steel rocker.
Made in the USA.

Pizza Stone 15” Pizza Stone
Make out-of-this world pizza crust with this 1/2-inch thick stone. Can be placed in the microwave and freezer too. Dishwasher and soap safe.
Made In the USA.
Pie Server Solid Cherry Pie Server
Serve pies and pizza with ease.
Made in the USA.
Stirring Spoon Perfect Stirring Spoon
The only spoon, you’ll need. It has a flatter side than most spoons, making it easier to scrape dough from the sides of the bowl.
Made in the USA.
Bee's Oil Bee’s Oil
This food-safe oil protects your kitchen’s wooden tools and is great to use on your sandstone surfaces too. Long lasting!
Made in the USA.
Wood Garlic Masher

Vermont Rolling Pins Peeler/Masher
Easily peel garlic with this lovely hand turned tool. Break off cloves from
bulb. Hold masher’s handle and with the blunt end, crush clove. The skin will loosen
completely from clove. Mash garlic clove to prepare for chopping and also use this tool
for flattening and tenderizing wrapped meat.

Oven Mitt

Oven Mitt
Our terry cloth oven mitt is not only beautiful and easy to clean, but will also protect your hand from burns. Most mitts protect only at 200 to 400 degrees F. Our terry cloth oven mitt protects your hands with a heat resistance up to 600 degrees F.


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