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Rolling Pin Displays

Hand Forged Hooks

handmade rolling pin holder
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Please email your display pictures to:

Are you looking for handmade hooks  to display your rolling pins? Look no further. It took awhile for Vermont Rolling Pins to find the hooks to display all of our pins. These hooks are hand forged, which means each has received the special touch of a master blacksmith. This also means you may see slight variations in the hooks, but we find this is better than a product spit out on a machine. Display either one rolling pin or as many as you like. To the right is an example of a Vermont Rolling Pins display. Enjoy coming up with your own displays. Hand Forged Hooks are approx. 3 1/2" in height and the space from the front to the back is approx. 2" deep.

Cost $25 a pair

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Solid Cherry Horizontal Display

handmade rolling pin holder

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This is an incredible gift for you or someone you love. Any Vermont Rolling Pin looks beautiful showcased on this stand. You may choose to have an engraved black brass name plate with one or two lines or it looks beautiful on its own. If you choose the engraving, it is a great gift for a graduate, perhaps writing the university or institute and year of your college grad. Or maybe someone did something wonderful, like say mother you. You could engrave something like the greatest mom in the world. The engraving ideas are endless. Enjoy honoring yourself or someone you love with an engraved stand.

When you order a Vermont Rolling Pin at the same time as you order a stand, click special package price and receive $10 off.

Cost $35

Special package price (when you order a rolling pin too) $25


Engraved Name Plate 

Example-write line 1 and line 2 before your info

Line 1: Cyndi Freeman  Line 2: Culinary Institute 

Engraved Plate $10.00

Engraving Description - 2 lines

Rolling Pin Wall Display

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Please email your display pictures to:

“If you would like to create a rolling pin wall like this one, ask for predrilled holes in your Vermont Rolling Pin(s). Then all you have to do is hammer a nail, where youʼd like to hang your rolling pin or pins.

For $25 weʼll create a wall display sketch for you. You send in your wall dimensions and weʼll mail a sketch for you to use in making your rolling pin wall or get your own creative juices flowing and make your own.”

Wall Design Cost $25

Wall Dimensions
Min & Max # of Rolling Pins



Caring for your Vermont Rolling Pin

Cleaning and Oiling Your Wooden Kitchen Tools
Your wooden kitchen tools will last for generations with these easy care steps:

1-After use wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use soap, it will dry out your wood.

2-If stubborn foods stick to the wood, take a pastry scraper or a pot scraper and at a 45 degree angle move along the wood. Do not press hard to avoid scraping wood.

3-Oil with a food safe oil, like our Bee’s Oil, when desired. We recommend each time, only so you don’t forget. However If you prefer waiting until you see dryness, you can do that as well.

Bee's Oil

handmade rolling pin holder
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Keep your Vermont Rolling Pin looking its best with Bee's Oil. 8 oz.


Your rolling pin will last for generations. Enjoy! for rolling pins

rolling pin holder display with hooks

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