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Pizza, Pasta, Pie & Baking Tools Tools

Pie Server

Solid Cherry Pie Server
Serve pies and pizza with ease.
Made in the USA.

Solid Cherry Pie Server Engraved : $35.00

Font choice
Engraving - Line 1
Engraving - Line 2 (optional)
Traditional Pork Pie Mold

Traditional Pork Pie Mold
Our pork pie mold is hand turned
and is about 6-7" tall and the
circumference is approx. 2 3/4".
A great size for making individual pork pies.
Made in the USA.


Wood Garlic Masher

Vermont Rolling Pins Peeler/Masher
Easily peel garlic with this lovely hand turned tool. Break off cloves from bulb. Hold masher’s handle and with the blunt end, crush clove. The skin will loosen completely from clove. Mash garlic clove to prepare for chopping and also use this tool for flattening and tenderizing wrapped meat.


Heavy Gauge Removable Bottom Quiche/Tart Pan

9.5" Heavy Gauge Removable Bottom Quiche/Tart Pan
Youʼll love the ease in making tarts with this removable bottom tart pan. If you have an issue with making pretty pies, you should really try making tarts. You donʼt have to worry about the edging, because you donʼt have one. Lightly oil your pan, press your pie dough in, blind bake if you have a wet filling, and then bake. Once cooled press the bottom out and you have a gorgeous looking tart. Every tart looks like an expert made it. Made in France.

Blueberry Tart Recipe


Customized Cake/Pie Stand in Cherry

cake stands

cake stands

Customized Cake/Pie (You decide.) Hand Turned Stands
We have two choices for our hand turned stands, either Custom or We Choose the Design. With We Choose, weʼll choose the dimensions, the top will never be less than 10” and height is never less than 3”.
Weʼll also choose the wood.

We Choose: $105

We Choose w/Engraving: $115
Engraving - Line 1
Engraving - Line 2 (optional)

Custom: $195
For Custom, email us a picture of your design, as long as it can be turned, weʼll make it. Include your top length from 10” to 20” and height from 3” to 10”. You can even choose your wood: maple, cherry, or walnut.

Wood Choice

Custom w/Engraving: $205
Wood Types
Engraving - Line 1
Engraving - Line 2 (optional)

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