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Questions to Ask a Rolling Pin Company

Are they made on a CNC machine?
Many companies will use the terminology, “hand made” and “made in our shop”. Handmade has no legal definition and can mean that a machine turns your rolling pin and they simply wipe it with oil. We hand turn all of our Vermont Rolling Pins.

What are the dimensions?
Pictures can be deceiving and without dimensions, you could be purchasing a smaller rolling pin than you thought.

What is the return policy?
You should have enough time after receiving it to decide if it is the right rolling pin for you. If the shop only gives you one to five days, that is not enough time to consider.

Are the rolling pins smooth?
We promise ours to be the smoothest rolling pin youʼll ever touch. We are confident that you will feel the same way, that is why we have a 15 day return policy.

Are you using select woods?
We also promise to always make rolling pins which are hand turned only from quality woods: maple, walnut, and cherry. Other rolling companies will offer similar woods, but they are far from the best quality. We promise ours will be the best. If you donʼt feel the same way, return within 15 days.

What press has your rolling pin company received?
This is an important question; because when a company is written up in national magazines and newspapers, they must send samples. This means your rolling pin has received the seal of approval from experts.
Whether it is a gift for you or for someone you love, we know that our Vermont Rolling Pins will be cherished and will last forever. We will be the only rolling pin that youʼll ever need to buy; unless you want to start collecting.

Thank you for reading and please ask us questions too. We would love to talk about our Vermont Rolling Pins. for rolling pins

Vermont Rolling Pins wood samples in maple, cherry and walnut

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